General Liability Insurance: Don’t let an accident on your construction site bankrupt your business

With general liability insurance, your business is protected from bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage claims. Whether your client claims that you have damaged his property or one of your crew members has slipped and fallen, this coverage will ensure that your finances are never at risk, regardless of your liability.

Typically required on most construction sites, this coverage can be purchased on a per-contract basis. As we understand that certificates of liability insurance can often hold up payment from the general contractor, we have created a faster and easier way to offer protection. Taking no longer than 24 hours to issue, we also offer blanket additional insured and blanket waiver of subrogation products.

General liability insurance is a broad coverage that extends to most of the risks in your business. One provision of this coverage is the personal and advertising injury liability, which protects you from claims of libel, slander, product disparagement, piracy, copyright infringement, and other issues involving your goods, products, or services.

This coverage also has a policy for medical payments, which means that we will reimburse – without regard to your liability – reasonable medical expenses from an accidental bodily injury that has been defined in your policy. We will also reimburse your personal medical expenses, such as the rendering of First Aid.

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ConstructSure offers the following insurance policies:

We also provide other services, such as bonds, investments, and financial planning. For more information, please visit our Bonds & Financial Services page.

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