As a contractor in the construction industry, you know that there are a multitude of risks involved when you start a project. Whether minor or major, if these risks turn into reality, it can severely affect your business, incurring detrimental financial losses.

In addition to insurance, ConstructSure also offers bonds and financial services to construction industry contractors. We do this through our parent company O’Donovan & Associates and its partnership with financial advisor Christopher Oxenham, a registered representative of Securities America.


Contract Bonds

  • Bid – guarantees that the submitted bid contains items that are complete and accurate.

  • Performance and payment – guarantees that (1) the contractor will complete the project according tthe contract and (2) that all subcontractors will be paid.

Commercial Bonds

  • License and permit – guarantees that you comply with all laws and regulations during the construction project. These bonds include auctioneer, contractor’s license, highway permit, insurance broker, motor vehicle dealer, mortgage brokers, liquor, and detective.

  • Supply and service contractors – guarantees that all supply and service contractors will be paid. Supply contractors provide supplies or materials such as lumber or water. Service contractors provide a type of service, such as janitorial or food services.

  • Court and judicial –guarantees compliance with court or judicial rulings. These bonds can include appeals, attachments, costs, receivers, injunctions, and replevin.

  • Federal – guarantees payment of various fees and compliance with federal complaints. These bonds include contract postal station and excise.

  • Public official –guarantee that public officials – such as clerks, notary publics, treasurers, tax collectors, deputies, and sheriffs – perform honestly and faithfully.

Fidelity Bonds

  • Business services – protects you against fraudulent or dishonest acts committed by their employee against a customer on customer’s premises.

  • Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) – protects you against a dishonest employee that handles your employee benefit plan.

  • Fidelity – protects an employer for losses caused by a dishonest employee.

Financial Services
  • Financial planning and investments – Especially in the construction industry, your financial advisor should work for you. We can recommend options for how – and how much – to save to insure healthy finances, turning your long-term goals into reality with sound investments.

  • Retirement planning – Even if you have just entered the workforce, you should consider what the state of your finances will be when you retire. We can help you save, invest, and plan for your future.

  • College funds – Saving for your child’s education? We can help you choose a savings plan that reflects any educational requirements.

  • Financially planning, asset and wealth management – We will work closely with your legal counsel and tax advisors to help you plan – and grow – any finances.

  • Annuities – Along with 401(k) plan, pensions, IRA accounts, social security, and other assets, annuities can help you retire with healthy financial resources.

  • Disability income insurance – If you are injured on the job, receiving a disfigurement or disability, do you know if you can still provide your family? This insurance will help you plan for that possibility.

  • Long-term care strategies – If you are ever worried about the expenses of long-term care for yourself or your family members – especially if you are in need of assisted living – you should contact a financial advisor to start planning.

Do you want to take advantage of the aforementioned bonds or financial services? Please contact us by calling (800) 410-6333 or emailing us.

ConstructSure provides construction contractor insurance in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania. The information contained on this site is intended for illustrative purposes only. ConstructSure coverage is subject to the conditions, restrictions, limitations, exclusions, and terms of the policy documentation. Coverage may vary by state and availability of policies is subject to each state’s approval.


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